Our Science

Whether we realize it or not, microbiology governs everything in our world, from our personal gut microbiome for digesting our food, to the growth of plants and animals that are our food, to the recycling of the waste produced by all living things as they live and when they die.


Microbes live inside and cover every square inch of our bodies too, as well as nearly all surfaces on the planet. From the top of the highest mountains to the bottom of the deepest oceans. Quite literally microbiology is everywhere. More importantly, we could not live without them. Life on planet earth would cease to exist without microbiology.


One of the most important functions of the dominate soil microbiology, from genus Bacillus, is recycling of organics by breaking them down into carbon, nitrogen, nutrients and essential elements, along with production of water.


Global Micro Bio Technology, LLC (GMBT) focuses upon identifying, testing and formulating specific microbes as part of a highly effective, proprietary, patents pending and patented process that provides sustainable solutions to the most challenging environmental problems we face today.


GMBT scientists use their many years of experience to customize formulations for specific applications using our library of naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, microbes together with indigenous microbes from the target to maximize performance.


From treating municipal and industrial wastewater to animal wastes to replacing chemicals in agriculture with plant growth and health promoting microbiology, to restoring equilibrium in surface waters controlling harmful algae, and remediation are all areas GMBT’s microbiology work inside sister company EnBiorganic Technologies systems, using performance proven intellectual property of parent company Environmental Bioorganic Sciences Corp.